On the evening of His resurrection, Jesus told His church in John 20:21 "I am sending you just as my Father sent me!" Here at Flynn 1st, we take that fantastic privilege and tremendous responsibility seriously. We are to represent God to every person that we meet. Wow!

Our fervent prayer is that we show those fruits of the Spirit of God spoken of in Galatians 5:22-23 in our lives: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control.  

You are welcome here. Unlimited baggage is OK. We have a Savior of unlimited love and forgiveness. In His love,

Bro. Dwain

The First Baptist Church is excited to announce that we now have a new pastor. His name is  Brother Dwain Pollard and if you haven’t heard Bro. Pollard preach before, you should make a point to attend this coming Sunday morning.  It is sure to be a blessing. 




Pastor’s pen

The Innkeeper
Bethlehem was a very small village, sitting in the middle of an area used mostly for raising sheep and goats. The inn in such villages was usually simple lean – to shelters built off the wall of the main house, the other end open.Several men could share such a room, which would keep the rain off of them. When Mary and Joseph arrived, it presented a need that the inn keeper could not provide for. So, they took shelter in a little cave washed out beneath an overhanging rock, with a fence around the outside to keep animals in. So, perhaps instead of this grouchy guy that refused to give them a room, he did all that he could to help them. In reality, the stable was probably better, for privacy and a built in baby bed, a trough used to feed animals.
Everything about the Christmas story is amazing, and shows the humbleness of God, and His love for each of us.
Bro. Dwain